Ciaran McWilliams is an artist filmmaker, living with Cystic Fibrosis and Austim Spectrum Disorder, who currently resides within his hometown of London. He has a Master’s Degree in Experimental Film from Kingston University, and a Bachelors (with honours) in Film from Plymouth College of Art.

His work has been screened throughout various festivals all over the United Kingdom, including previously being nominated for “Best Experimental Film” at the 2016 edition of the London Short Film Festival for his short graduation film, “Veiled”.

Ciaran’s films cover a range of topics, emotions, and his interests in an experimental way. His main interests and inspirations that he draws from include horror, internet cultures, analogue & digital media, anime and manga, video art, glitch art, video games, and the music he enjoys listening to, such as black metal, doom metal, dark ambient, and drone music. The majority of his works deal with his struggles with depression and his physical/mental health, while merging them with his own personal interests.

When not creating or watching film, you can find Ciaran hanging around on the internet, or casually streaming video games and roleplaying games over on twitch at horriblecurse_